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kingcrusher22 ♡ 28 ( +1 | -1 )
Does anyone just play by feeling? I have been playing chess for 3 years and still just play what feels right I dont know any openings or anything I just play with a feel for the game. Is this bad, should I study, and where would I find things to study?
lespaul ♡ 26 ( +1 | -1 )
Pretty much, yea.... I basically play completely by instinct, too. I know the NAMES of a FEW openings, but that's about the limit of my practical chess knowledge.

If you REALLY want to improve though, you have to study. Start at and just search for "chess tutorials" or something.
macheide ♡ 86 ( +1 | -1 )
kingcrusher22 Dear friend,

I play chess since I was 4 years old or so, with three or for long periods of abscence. When I was younger, I studied from the first to the final page of the classical 4 volume set in Openings, by GM Ludek Pachman, many years goes on and I have many interests today so I am what you could describe as a lazzy openings student.

I must be obliged to reduce my opening repertoire to some systems, beause, today, I do not have the time to stay at day. If you bother to read the phrase of my profile: "We first percive,..., the reasons, later". Vivekananda, you'll got the idea, I try to be in fashion with my, today, little repertoire, but, I play openings mainly by what I percive at first sight in the board. Of course I calculate, and I'm good in doing that, but I'm content with a playable middlegame or endgame.

Best regards from a friend,

game ♡ 8 ( +1 | -1 )
i go on instinct mostly, have pick up an opening or two, and you see where it has gotten me, not that far
v_glorioso12 ♡ 37 ( +1 | -1 )
i play by instinct.... i study the basic parts of the 3 openings i use (KID, KIA, sicilian defense hyper-accelerated), and after a few moves, i sometimes play out of the book, and play what feels right. but, studying is very important... i suggest you study opening you like, study middle game and endgame, tactics, etc., and then if you feel playing by feeling is better for you, then play by feeling.
mlazar ♡ 3 ( +1 | -1 )
Kingcrusher you are undefeated!!! Don't change anything!!!
tulkos ♡ 16 ( +1 | -1 )
I do quite a bit, I need to get out of the habbit. I think you can only get so good playing by feeling and then you can't go any farther. It's a lazy mans way of getting out of in-depth analysis and understanding of a position.
karma ♡ 23 ( +1 | -1 )
Always i have always played by instinct. OK, i know that i am too lazy to study all those books in the fact any of those books :) But i have one challenge for myself and it is how much i can learn and develop my skill without any theoretical studies.
brobishkin ♡ 162 ( +1 | -1 )
Faulty strategies... Chess is a game of intellect first and creative endeavour second... These two attributes combine to help players create beautiful works of art that can last for centuries... Anger, fear, and overconfidence are common emotions (feelings) that may help you in the odd game, but that ultimately lead to defeat because they cloud the intellectual and creative processess... These emotions are as dangerous in chess as they are in life... If you dislike your opponent, dont let your anger make you play too agressively... If you are afraid of your oppnent, dont be chicken and play for a draw... If you are confident you can win, dont allow your sense of danger to desert you...

We are all emotional beings, but when your emotion tells you which move to make, you should do a reality check... Are you in danger of spinning out of control?... If you find that your mind is taking a break and you have lost your concentration, get up and walk around (if you have sufficient time on your clock), take a few deep breaths, jump up and down even, do anything that will put your mind back at the helm...

Having said that... I recognize that there are times when nothing will put your emotions on hold... If your wife just left you or your lawyer tells you that your financial empire has just turned to dust, a pleasant game of chess may ease your pain a bit... But dont expect to play at your full potential...

Do I play by feeling?... I try my best not too... Overconfidence leads you away from the realities of the position to the world of wishful thinking...

smolensk ♡ 20 ( +1 | -1 )
I almost never analyse my moves. I play what feels right all the time. Sometimes it work, and the advantage with it is that i never get into time trouble and are good at blitz.
calmrolfe ♡ 29 ( +1 | -1 )
Sometimes It is just safer to go with your instincts. The human mind is a wonderful thing, once it has seen hundreds of chess positions, themes and tactics it senses the right way to move when it encounters a chess pattern it recognises in it's subconscious, hence the resultant "gut feeling" move.

r_lawrence ♡ 6 ( +1 | -1 )
I play by feel ... but thats mostly because I'm blind ...
drgandalf ♡ 69 ( +1 | -1 )
I agree with v_glorioso12, tulkos, and calmrolfe You need to study the basics. After that, play many games to familiarise yourself with many patterns. Then, creative instinct plays an important role.

I recommend two books to beginners: (1)"Chess Tactics for Beginners" by Fred Reinfeld, Wilshire Book Company, gives a very simple set of important tactical ideas in very readable form, geared to players 600-1200.

(2)"Practical Endgame Weapons, Vol 1" by Scott gru-Bell, [email protected] It is simple, readable, basic, and geared to players 600-1200.

Players in the 1200-1600 range, who feel their tactics or endgame is weak, should study these two books also.