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jstevens1 ♡ 161 ( +1 | -1 )
Knights and Oversights It was a very strange evening on Tuesday 6 November 2007. I got in from work, logged in to Gameknot and navigated to my Active Games Profile. When I looked at my first "Your Move" against rtsm4 (Rob) I was horrified to see that I would have to choose between losing a whole piece and the exchange - I chose the exchange. I have published this game under Knights and Oversights Part I. You will find the details of this game in there.

I then went back into my games after making the move I didn't want to make and looked at the next "Your Move". In this one I had a much more pleasant surprise. My opponent made the move I hoped he would making allowing me to win the exchange for a pawn. If he moved his rook he would allow checkmate in two moves. He overlooked the mate threat, grabbed my pawn on a2 and he found himself resigning on the grounds of unavoidable mate. I have published this game under Knights and Oversights Part 2. I certainly needed that shot in the arm!

Even very strong players like Tigran Petrosian (of whom an Expert thinks my play has some resemblance to) have fallen victim to knights. Petrosian blundered his queen to a knight going backwards! This was discussed at length in the Coaching Forum in a thread about blundering queens.

Just as a little aside, another of my opponents fell to a snap mate that same evening - my goodness Old Matey was a very busy man on my behalf that night!!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend folks!

Bye for now.